Emergency preparedness and accident investigation

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To meet a rail company's obligations for securing and retaining operational licences, it needs to have a defined emergency response strategy with procedures and trained personnel in place.

But not only that, were the unthinkable to occur, what would the real effect on your company be? The potential impacts could be profound in terms of direct and indirect effect on staff, loss of production, loss of public confidence, and loss of revenue. And, if not handled efficiently and sympathetically, there will be an aggressive press to deal with too.

How can A.Fyfe Rail help?  We provide:

* Review of existing emergency plans and recommendations for improvement

* Provision of table-top or (safe location) field emergency scenario testing

* Inclusion of Emergency Services and Local Authority personnel to provide realism and collaborative working 

* Advice on passenger rescue, escape, behaviour and case studies

* Advice on emergency services and environmental agency roles and behaviours at hazardous goods incidents 

* Responsibility role play for Silver, Gold and Platinum level management 

* Provision of press professionals in "hostile" mode, and appropriate training and feedback  

* Briefings on the roles, responsibilities, expectations and behaviours of the BT / civil Police, ORR (HMRI), HSE, RAIB and EA 

Accident investigation

In the unfortunate event of an accident occurring, not only will the statutory authorities launch their investigations, but in GB under the terms of the Railways and Other Guided Transport (Safety) Regulations 2006 (ROGS), your company will be required to conduct a safety investigation.

The Authorities' investigations may take many months to conclude and there may be court or pending prosecutions to be faced.

Your ROGS investigation will be in collaboration with other Railway Group members, and the findings will be required to provide rapid safety recommendations to allow full business to resume as soon as possible.

A.Fyfe Rail can help by: 

* providing qualified and experienced investigation managers to lead or oversee your investigations. 

* supporting your company by fronting your dealings with the Authorities

* supporting your Press teams and Executive officers with informed statements or press releases 

Contact us to discuss template contracts so that we can hit the ground running for you.