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Getting ready

Ouch! After a visit to see the nurse at the surgery yesterday, I am now inoculated against typhoid, hepatitis A, diptheria, tetanus and polio. And I have an initial supply of anti-malaria tablets to collect from the chemist today too.

The NHS has also supplied a Traveller's Guide for visiting the middle east. It's full of handy tips and hints of what to do and not to do.  And I also have to look out for risks that might result in being infected by a further range of nasty sounding ailments, for example Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Schistosomiasis, Yellow Fever etc, etc

Also, just had word that my visa has been issued. It will arrive back with my passport tomorrow.

My flights out are still not booked. The preferred flight was full by the time booking was authorised by my company. So we are looking at other less socially acceptable times. However its an agent for the company doing this, so that's one less task for me to do.

This is a week of farewells, taking my leave of the church, clubs and organisations that I have been involved with in Biggar. So many people have wished me well, But I know there will be many folk keeping an eye out for Elaine and the rest of the family, that's reassuring. 

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